Managed Services & Analytics

Managed Services & Analytics

Managed Services and Analytics constitute a family of service offerings from AIM designed to address different types of risks and improve your cyber risk posture.

The Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Services described in the Threat and Vulnerability Management section are performed on a pre-agreed schedule to reduce your risk and protect your profit.

AIM tailors cyber protection and service to the needs of your company. Our menu of services is designed to offer a choice of services and tools to fit your business operating model.

Shared CISO

A Chief Information Security Officer, CISO, is no longer only for the largest companies — nor is it a luxury to be cut when budgets are tight. Studies show that companies of all sizes are targets for cyber-attack, and for smaller companies, the cost of a breach can be devastating.

Yet, demand outstrips supply for experienced CISOs, meaning that many small and medium-sized companies cannot afford to employ them full-time. Many of these businesses will turn to part-time roles or add responsibilities to other IT executives — an unsustainable solution.

To address this situation, AIM offers Shared CISO Service. Small and medium companies probably do not need a full-time CISO and rarely have enough challenges to attract one. AIM's service provides a CISO with significant expertise and experience at a price businesses can afford. Each client of the service has access to an experienced CISO for a pre-arranged number of days per month, offering stability and presence, and arrangements are in place for additional support in the event of an emergency.

The Shared CISO Service addresses a variety of security issues including:

  • Assessing your current cyber security posture
  • Creating a cyber strategy tailored to your company and your business operating model, industry and culture
  • Interacting with your Board of Directors on cyber risks, issues and budgeting
  • Creating an action plan to improve cyber security position
  • Overseeing progress toward a better cyber security position
  • Stability and presence of a skilled, experienced CISO

Product Reviews

AIM Product Reviews offer our assessment of new security products, including recommendations for the types of companies and environments most likely to benefit from the use of the product. These Reviews can help you sort through the myriad of companies and claims and pick the ones best-suited for your needs.

Threat Surfaces Service

Threats and perpetrators do not remain static. New players and means of attack are continually evolving. Staying on top of ongoing cyber sophistication and knowing how to respond is essential to controlling your cyber risk posture and protection. AIM's Threat Surfaces Service addresses this by keeping you apprised of the latest methods of attack, and the steps necessary to protect against them.