Cyber Program Strategy

Cyber Program Strategy

All businesses are potential targets for cybercrime. Protection means considering all avenues of attack from a strategic perspective. Leaving security as an afterthought could mean leaving a door open for attackers.

All aspects of your business must be cyber security aware, from people and processes to your technology and even your premises. AIM's Cyber Program Strategy considers all four of these components and tailors a strategy to fit your business model and your culture.

As part of your cyber security strategy, AIM will:

  • Begin by educating executives and all staff on their role in protecting company assets
  • Perform upfront risk assessments to understand cyber risk posture and maturity
  • Evaluate the cyber security of people, processes, premises and technology
  • Create a baseline for all four aspects
  • Understand customer business operations model and culture
  • Determine maturity level of all four aspects and assign a risk rating
  • Partner with your organization to create target state
  • Identify the delta between current and target state
  • Create plan to close the delta

In addition to a technical strategy, we examine your business processes and premises to find security holes. We deliver an education & awareness program for all employees and identify the steps necessary to protect your critical business information. For any holes in your cyber protection we discover, we will create a comprehensive plan to close them.