Managed Services & Analytics

Managed Services & Analytics

Managed Services and Analytics constitute a family of service offerings from AIM, designed to address different types of risks and improve your cyber risk posture. All are ongoing services and will be performed on a predetermined frequency. AIM can identify, usually within 48 hours, where the vast majority of your sensitive data resides, provide means to secure it, store it, share it and restore it. Reduce your risk and protect your profit!

AIM tailors cyber protection and service to the needs of your company. Our menu of services is designed to offer a choice of services and tools to fit your business operating model.

Basic Service

AIM’s Basic Service is focused on identifying and handling specific types of cyber risks. Our Basic Service uncovers unprotected HIPAA- and PII-regulated information as well as protecting your brand and cyber reputation by finding websites that misuse your company and brand identity. The tools AIM implements for your company will be selected to fit your specific situation.

The AIM Basic Service implements the tools and interprets the results. While the tools are critical, they only identify problems--they don’t fix them. Your IT group or AIM consultants can implement protection for the at-risk data identified during the examination.

AIM’s Basic Service is part of the Threat & Vulnerability Management service.

Intermediate Service

AIM’s Intermediate Service adds another layer to limiting cyber risk exposure. In addition to tools that search for specific, limited types of risks, the intermediate level of service encompasses your network and devices for a variety of risk types. Systems and network devices are examined to see if up-to-date releases are installed, and the cyber tools you have in place are examined for suitability, proper configuration and use. This service employs the tools you already have in place augmented by local and e-discovery tools to identify holes. We will recommend the acquisition of additional tools if gaps are uncovered. AIM consultants can also be engaged to close the holes identified during the examination.

AIM’s Intermediate Service also provides Server Hardening as a companion service. Server hardening looks specifically at your servers and follows accepted practices to improve server protection.

The AIM Intermediate Service is part of the Threat & Vulnerability Management and the Architecture & Implementation services.

Advanced Service

AIM Advanced Service is our most sophisticated cyber-risk offering. Our Advanced Service offers all the features of our Basic and Intermediate offerings, as well as a complex, leading-edge behavior analysis. The behaviors and norms of systems and users are mapped, creating a baseline of behavior. Activity is monitored, examined using proprietary analytics and compared to the baseline, allowing the discovery of anomalies which may indicate advanced threats. People, processes, and technology will all be considered in the evaluation. People’s understanding and awareness of security and the role they play in protecting company assets will be evaluated. Processes will be examined for completeness and conformance to accepted norms and regulatory compliance. Based on the identified threat(s), AIM offers tools and services to remedy the cyber risks.

This service is part of the Threat & Vulnerability Management, Architecture & Implementation, and Managed Services & Analytics services.

Shared Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

AIM’s Shared CISO Service provides a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a pre-agreed number of days per month to work with your Board Of Directors in clarifying your security posture and determining and agreeing on the steps necessary to protect or enhance it. Depending upon your organization’s current risk maturity level, it may be prudent to improve that rating and security posture. If so, AIM will work with you to achieve your security goal.

Product Reviews

AIM Product Reviews offer our assessment of new security products, including the types of companies and environments most likely to benefit from the use of the product. These Reviews can help you sort through the myriad of companies and claims, all touting the latest and greatest cyber protection and pick the ones most applicable and appropriate for your needs.

Threat Surfaces Service

Threats and perpetrators do not remain static. New players and means of attack are continually evolving. Staying on top of ongoing cyber sophistication and knowing how to respond is essential to controlling your cyber risk posture and protection. AIM's Threat Surfaces Service addresses this specific situation by keeping you apprised of the latest methods of attack, and the steps necessary to protect against them.