Cyber Program Strategy

Cyber Program Strategy

All businesses are potential targets for cybercrime. Protection means considering all avenues of attack. And to do that properly requires a cyber security strategy. Making security an afterthought or add-on at any step, means leaving at least one door open to attackers.

All aspects of your business need to be cyber security aware; people, processes and technology. While technology gets the most press, people and processes are essential components to effective cyber security and people are often the weakest link in the chain.

AIM’s Cyber Program Strategy considers all three components and tailors the strategy to fit your business operations model and your culture.

In creating a cyber security strategy AIM will:

  • Assess current state and create a baseline
  • Understand customer business operations model and culture
  • Evaluate maturity level
  • Determine risk rating
  • Partner with your organization to create target state
  • Identify the delta between current and target state
  • Create plan to close the delta

In addition to a technical strategy, we examine your business processes to find security holes. For people, we deliver an education & awareness program for all employees and identify the steps necessary to protect your critical business information.