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We emphasize protection, rather than just responding to a crisis. At Aurora Information Management (AIM) we focus on four distinct spheres of risk to ensure you are protected at all levels: people, processes, premises and technology. We address the avenues of compromise at all stages, from education and protection to incident response, resolution, and post-resolution responsibilities. New protection and response models are necessary to respond to increasingly complex and pervasive cyber attack strategies.

All businesses are vulnerable to a breach, and a focus on protection is more effective than simply responding when a breach happens. AIM makes the complexities of cyber strategy and services easy to understand and simple to use.

AIM services span Cyber Solutions, Forensics, Data Management, Management and IT consulting — emphasizing identifying strategies to reposition and reinvigorate our clients. We apply technology to solve challenging business problems, from competitive positioning to cyber protection. We provide clients with the experienced staff and services to update technology platforms quickly, define cyber and digital strategies, and transform online marketing efforts.

Our Cyber Security offerings equip our clients with full-spectrum services and solutions, spanning cyber protections at all levels for more complete breach protection, incident response, cyber forensics, and resolution services. IT and Cyber Assessments enable clients to understand the threats to their business and to make the necessary changes to protect their business and customers.

AIM's Data Management Solutions include specialized backup and co-hosting services, including highly secure remote data centers in the EU. Industry-specific backup solutions help insurance agents, financial planners, attorneys, and physicians store, manage and protect their data. Our engagement model is simple and straight forward: we focus on identifying and executing strategies that realize impactful results quickly and efficiently.

What Differentiates Us

Impactful Technology Strategies and Solutions

Meeting unique and challenging client needs with leading edge innovation and insights, excellent technology and world-class professionals.

Cyber Experts, Focused on Results

Cyber services configured by experts for rapid implementation and measureable results, actively protecting and restoring client and customer privacy pre, and post, incident.

Rapid, Measurable, Results

Exceptional project management, initiative metrics and post implementation data analytics to execute projects efficiently and measure operational effectiveness and revenue and competitive enhancement.

A Global Data Management Perspective

International data management professionals and capabilities with the security and regulatory insights to meet the changing requirements of international data privacy challenges.